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10 Most Incredible Canyons around the World

The Slot Canyons

The Slot Canyons of Arizona are just an hour’s drive from the more famous Grand Canyon, and these are truly unique. They don’t appear much from the ground level, just a crack in the desert, but on entry you might as well have entered into another world.

Horseshoe Bend

The Horseshoe Bend, named for its almost circular shape, is found on the Colorado River. From the canyon walls to the river is a spectacular 1000ft drop.

Grand Canyon

The most famous canyon in the world, the Grand Canyon, is also found on the Colorado River. Although not the deepest or widest in the world, it does offer an amazing snapshot into the geologic history of North America.

Bryce Canyon

The erosion in Bryce Canyon, Utah, has created some of the most beautiful geologic structures on the planet. These ‘hoodoos’ are up to 200ft high. The night sky above the canyon is one of the darkest in North America, making it popular with stargazers. Up to 7500 stars are visible to the naked eye.

Havasu Canyon

Havasu Canyon in Arizona is a bit of paradise on earth. Considered a sacred place by the Havasupai people, it’s not difficult to see why. With its turquoise waters, stunning waterfalls and shady pools, Havasu Canyon is one of the most magical places in North America.

Tara River Canyon

At 82km, the Tara River Canyon is the longest in Europe (and the second longest canyon in the world). Winding through Montenegro and reaching depths of 1300m, it’s a protected World Heritage Site.

Fish River Canyon

The Fish River is, at 650 kilometers, the longest river in Namibia. The Fish River Canyon in Namibia is reputedly the second largest canyon in the world. The Fish River Hiking trail is one of the most famous hikes in Southern Africa.

Wulingyuan Canyon

Wulingyuan Canyon in China is reminiscent of Bryce Canyon but with its own breathtaking beauty. Over 3000 sandstone pillars tower up to 800m from a densely-forested valley floor, with trees clinging to their sides.

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Thanks to Thomas who has highlighted the grand canyon of Yellowstone, in Wyoming. The canyon is up to 900 feet deep and a half mile in width.

Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon actually consists of 6 canyons and is located in Chihuahua in Mexico, and is at least four times larger than the more famous Grand Canyon! The name actually comes from the copper/green color of the walls of the canyon.

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